Isiah Thomas He has recently compared today’s NBA players with those of his time. The former player and legend of Detroit Pistons (twice NBA champion in 1989 and 1990) has commented on how little value is given to the talent and athletic ability of those players who belong to the North American basketball competition today.

“I think this generation of players is not getting enough credit for everything they are doing. They are much better and more complete athletes than there were in my time in the league. It is a simple truth: the players are bigger, more stronger and faster. But this does not mean that the achievements of previous times are diminished. “

“When I was playing in the NBA, Michael Jordan he was the best athlete ever seen in league history. Currently there are 10 or 11 players with their athletic ability. If you put players like LeBron James or Kevin Durant to play in our time, I wouldn’t know how to tell you who the GOAT would have been. “

Isiah Thomas was one of Jordan’s greatest rivals in his time as a player. The rivalry between the “Bad Boys” and the Chicago Bulls was enormous. However, that does not mean that his statements are wrong. The reality is that the NBA is changing and the players are adapting to it. It is undeniable that the current level is higher than that of three decades ago.