A defining moment in racing Michael Jordan and his nemesis Isiah Thomas It was the crash in the 1991 playoffs. After two consecutive titles, the Thomas Pistons fell to the Jordan Bulls, at which point the decline of some began and the heyday of others. However, that series is also remembered because the “Bad Boys” withdrew from the track moments before the end of the last game without greeting their rivals.

Thomas, listed as one of the mentors of that episode, stated that “looking back, over the years, if I had the chance to do it again, I think we would all make a different decision.” In addition, the multiple All-Star confessed that “I have paid a great price for that decision.”

The leader of those Bad Boys also confessed that “I think I should have been in the Dream Team, but I was not a part. That hurt me and looking back, if I was not part of the Dream Team it was because in a period of emotion I did not shake hands with someone “and that this measure makes me feel” even more disappointed today than when I did not they chose ”.

It is worth remembering that, after that episode, in 1992 the United States brought the true “Dream Team” in men’s basketball to the Barcelona Olympics, with the presence of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and “Magic” Johnson, all fighting with Thomas in that moment. The decision to bet on John Stockton as the base and even Christian Laettner as the last member before Thomas was a controversial decision, which even today has repercussions.