The full pandemic of COVID-19, the meteorological phenomenon has left great affectations in the health services

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SAN JUAN.- Twenty-three hospitals in Puerto Rico They are working with an electricity generator each after the passage of the tropical storm Isaiah on the island and in the midst of a pandemic COVID-19.

This was reported this Thursday by the island’s secretary of state, Elmer Román, who added that, nevertheless, one of the main ones, the Medical Center, in San Juan, operates normally.

Román offered this afternoon an update on the figures left behind by the tropical storm that has caused flooding in various towns, such as Mayagüez, strong winds and has forced the gates of several dams to be opened in addition to leaving 400,000 people without light and 150,000 with interruptions in drinking water service.

The worst stop of all the hospital institutions on the island is the Cayey Hospital, in the center of the island, which is not working since it does not have an electric generation plant.

Román also revealed that 13 percent of cell phone towers are out of service.

The number of people who have attended the thirty authorized shelters is 62, most of them in Guayanilla.

The National Meteorological Service (SNM) has also indicated that the municipalities of the eastern and central-western zones received between 12.7 and 25.4 centimeters of rain.

The National Guard had to rescue 25 people trapped by the floods in Mayagüez, west of the island.

The SNM also issued flash flood warning for several locations in western Puerto Rico.

Isaías is the first major meteorological phenomenon at the start of the start of the hurricane season, which is forecast to be very active this year, according to forecasts.

Coronavirus figures in Puerto Rico there is no truce and this Thursday the data reflected a general rise in confirmed positive cases, which are close to 6,000, hospitalizations, people connected to a respirator and deaths.

Hospitalizations between yesterday and today went from 495 to 504 and the number of people who need a respirator for the disease, jumped from 37 to 40.

However, people in intensive care dropped from 66 to 63.

The total confirmed deaths add up to 109 and the probable ones remain at 105, so the total number of deaths is 214.

The global results of confirmed positive cases of the COVID-19 it is 5,920 and the probable 10,652.