Isabelle, the unknown wife of Thiago Silva who has gone viral for an amazing request

Thiago Silva and his wife Isabelle Da Silva They have been together for many years. A more than consolidated relationship and a family already formed, since he has two children. But the Brazilian influencer does not want to be a mother again and has made it clear on Instagram. In fact, the wife of the Chelsea footballer has gone viral for the request he has made.

Through a story in which he answered questions, he has asked Thiago Silva nothing more and nothing less … Get a vasectomy as soon as possible! Isabelle da Silva is characterized by posting both her life and her husband’s on her social networks, and she also always says what she thinks, generating several controversies due to that perhaps excessive sincerity.

Isabelle has gone further and explained one of the issues that most concerns her on a personal level at the moment. He does not want to have more children and the Chelsea footballer continues to seek to expand the family: «Vasectomy? For me it would be ideal. It is something we are still discussing. When he stops dreaming (he) that I am going to have another child, he will accept a vasectomy and then I will stop taking the pill »Isabelle confessed to her followers on Instagram.

She admits that she is trying to convince the defense to undergo a vasectomy so as not to have any further concern about this issue, also ruling out that she is the one who undergoes the operation to have her tubes tied due to her possible weight gain: It’s out of the question. All the women in my family, and others I know, have gained a lot of weight after doing so. Since I come from an obese family, I don’t want to take any risks.