Isabel Gemio appears in the special of María Teresa Campos of ‘Blood ties’ and revolutionizes Twitter

Isabel Gemio, in ‘Ties of blood’. (Photo: TVE)

María Teresa Campos and Isabel Gemio have returned to television this Tuesday. And they have done it in the program Blood ties. The TVE format that Boris Izaguirre hosts has analyzed the life and professional career of the presenter and has had commentators such as Rosa Villacastín and José Manuel Parada. However, the presence that has caused the most stir has been that of Isabel Gemio.

The presence of Gemio has surprised many on social networks, since it does so after a controversial interview between the two at the beginning of the year. “You’re a pig,” María Teresa Campos snapped at Isabel Gemio. He did it after she revealed her age to the public. An anger that became viral and copied the social gatherings of several programs.

However, on Tuesday night Gemio arrived stating that “an invitation like this, in a house like this, which means so much to those of us who are here and to me, it is a tribute to recognize that impressive career that María Teresa Campo has” .

In addition, Gemio wanted to settle any type of doubt about his intentions from the TVE set: “How could I not accept? I am delighted to be here. Maybe some person may think that because of that misunderstanding that there was, maybe he is expecting something morbid, not at all, not at all ”.

Despite these words, the reaction of viewers on Twitter has been epic to the surprise they have been to see Gemio. Some have even stated that “taking Isabel Gemio for the María Teresa Campos special seems to have been thought of by Telecinco.”

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