Isaac Torres, Lobo from ‘The Island of Temptations’, undergoes various aesthetic touch-ups on his face

Isaac Torres, one of the absolute protagonists of the third edition of The Island of Temptations, has undergone his first aesthetic touch-ups on the face, something that he has shown on his social networks.

The Wolf, what started a relationship with Marina in the reality show that is now broken after its foreplay with Lucia, Botox has been injected in areas of the face:

“Crazy!”he exclaimed before showing his followers the whole process. Because not only has that been done, but also has filled dark circles and bags with hyaluronic acid to remove them.

In addition, the author of Llegó Papá he has pricked his lips to make them look meatier.

Isaac retouches his face. INSTAGRAM

New facet

Isaac has taken advantage of his media pull to launch a supposed song called Papa Arrived, a Latin theme song and lyrics with messages that could hide indirectly to his exes and that explicitly refer to his time on The Island of Temptations.

“We didn’t know each other at all / you told me everything with a look / The full moon spoke to me / and told me that I would be your temptation,” says the beginning of the song, referring to Isaac’s role as ‘tempter’ on the island .

“Kiss by kiss the bonfire was lit”He says at another time, since ‘bonfires’ are a fundamental section of the program.

After Isaac in song he starts to howl in dubious pitch to say “I’ll be your wolf / to see where you hide / Little Red Riding Hood, let me catch you / If your boyfriend doesn’t like it / then screw him,” she sings with subtlety.

In a display of humility, the song continues: “With me you get naughty / there is no way to get me out of your head / even if he gets angry I am not interested”. “Hey, cheer up those faces, that dad arrived,” he says at another time, paying homage to his own phrase in the Telecinco reality show.