Is your Nest Hub already working with Fuchsia OS? So you can check it

The news of the official premiere of Fuchsia OS in the Nest Hub last month passed without pain or glory, and is that Google’s brand new operating system, with which the company hopes – or so it is supposed – to replace Linux on its devices, he dressed long for very little, even though it is the first step that will mark the rest that are taken in this direction.

With everything, it is possible that you have a Nest Hub and wonder if it already has Fuchsia OS, or on the contrary it is still maintained with the original Cast OS, also based on Linux. Well, Googla has published the corresponding help page that explains the process to follow to quickly check the firmware of the device, or what is the same, the operating system that governs it.

It should be noted that the information shared by Google in this regard is not specifically intended to show whether one system or another is being used, but rather the firmware version of the device, which distinguishes the firmware version of the current or production Advancement Program. current, being the second the one that most users will have installed, since as its name indicates, it is the stable version for devices in production.

In fact, on the Google help page, which in addition to the Nest Hub includes the rest of the devices with Google Home, there is no mention of the operating system that each one carries.

Likewise, Google has already advanced the first Nest Hub models that would receive the update to Fuchsia OS, starting with the first generation models launched in 2018 and following the rest, in a process that will take months and whose main virtue would be that the user does not notice any difference in the form and background of the system, that is, interface, options and performance of the device.

This is the Fuchsia OS logo, remember it …

And judging by the comments of those who have already updated their Nest Hub, they have succeeded, despite the fact that it is not a great test for Fuchsia OS because of the type of workload that the device is aimed at.

Therein lies the intricacy of the matter: a automatic update The system changes and you can already look in the preferences, that you will not find any signal of which one you are using … Unless you investigate hard, what they have done in 9to5Google, where they give the tip to discover if your Nest Hub it moves with Cast OS or with Fuchsia OS.

You just have to follow the instructions given by Google to see the firmware version number (in the Google Home application: «select your device> Settings>  Device information») and scroll all the way down. If the information available includes the operating system version -so, in generic- is that your Nest Hub is using Fuchsia OS. What is this for? To satisfy your curiosity, of course.

This is little Fuchsia OS on the Nest Hubs, but it’s just the beginning of… who knows.

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