Is your internet very slow ?: implement these five tips

Internet use has increased in recent months, as a result of the new normal derived from the pandemic. Most work and school activities require this service, however, being at home for more time, connectivity can present problems due to the same saturation of users.

Due to this situation, the demand for internet quality has increased towards the companies that offer this service, being essential to carry out the different activities, that is why here we give you some tips to improve connectivity in your home.

You have to check if the problem only occurs on one device. Photo: Pixabay

1. Identify the problem

It is important to identify where the problem lies, that is, if the lens connection only occurs on one device and works efficiently in the others, it may not be a difficulty with the internet. In this scenario, it is best to restart your computer or carry out a malware analysis to verify that there are no viruses.

In case there is a slowness in internet access in all such as your mobile phone, tablets and PC, then if there is a connectivity problem you have to check.

2. Check the speed and make a comparison with the contract

It is recommended to make a comparison in the speed of the connectivity you have with those stipulated in the contract. You can perform a test on a free website to see how your network works, in this way, you can verify the results obtained with the ones you have contracted.

3. You must restart the modem and router

It is common for modems and routers to lose speed due to saturation in their use, this can be solved very easily, you just have to restart it manually. In some houses they have the devices separately, in that case you have to restart them both.

4. You can improve your wifi signal

Sometimes there is a good internet connection, but the problem is with a bad Wi-Fi signal. There are several factors that influence this, for example some area that interferes with the waves, it may also be that the modem is very far away. If your house is very large, better signal coverage is recommended, among the options is a repeater system that has different stations so that you can install them in different places.

5. Contact the internet service company

If you have already implemented different strategies to solve the problem without success, then you should consider contacting the internet service company so that they can restore the connection. For example, it may be that it occupies an infrastructure repair on the cable line.

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