Is Walmart open this Easter Sunday 2021?

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Happy Easter 2021! This is a great time to celebrate, whether you are vaccinated and spending time with family and friends for the first time since the pandemic began or you are still staying home. Either way, you may need food today for your Easter festivities. If you’re wondering if Walmart is open or closed for Easter, we’ve got good news for you.

Walmart will be open during normal business hours at Easter

If you need a place to buy groceries, either at home or in the store, Walmart is a great option for Easter. A Walmart representative told Heavy: “Walmart will be open during normal business hours at Easter.”

You can find the hours of your local stores here.

If you don’t want to enter a Walmart store, you can still order your items through the outside pickup service. Many stores are still not open 24/7. A look at stores in Texas, for example, revealed that 24-hour stores close at 11:00 pm Many stores also continue to offer senior shopping hours during the first hour of the day. Contact your local store for details, as local regulations may affect hours of operation.

Pick up an Easter-themed baking kit while you’re at Walmart

Bunny Cupcake Decorating KitBunny Cupcake Decorating Kit

Walmart Bunny Cupcake Decorating Kit

If you’re looking for last-minute supplies so you can share fun Easter-themed activities with your family, Walmart has it. A Walmart representative told Heavy, “We also have the cutest bunny baking kits to celebrate! From colorful swirl cupcake mixes to adorable bunny face decorations, Walmart’s unique Baking and Decorating Kits will help you and your family make creative Easter treats at home!

These kits are exclusively available at Walmart and are available in cupcake, cookie, and brownie themes.

Here’s the full list of exclusive Easter Baking and Decorating Kits at Walmart:

Baking Kits:

• American Crafts Alma Easter Swirl Cupcake Kit ($ 4.97)
• American Crafts Alma Painted Easter Egg Cookie Kit ($ 4.97)
• American Crafts Alma Brownie Carrot Patch Kit ($ 4.97)

Decoration kits to enhance your cupcakes and cookies:

• Great Value Carrot Cupcake Decorating Kit ($ 2.97)
• Great Value Tulip Cupcake Decorating Kit ($ 2.97)
• Great value bunny face decorating kit ($ 3.97)
• Great Value Easter Glitter Gels ($ 2.97)

Sprinkle kits to “liven up” cupcake creations

• Great Value Bunny Sprinkle Mix ($ 3.47)
• Great Value Sprinkle Mix for Bunnies and Carrots ($ 3.47)
• Great Value Spring Sprinkle Mix ($ 3.47)

Walmart has been supplying COVID-19 vaccines in many locations

Walmart has been supplying COVID-19 vaccines in many places.

To determine if the closest Walmart to you offers a vaccine, visit the Walmart Vaccine Registration website here. The store finder has been replaced with an interactive map where you can see if there is a location that provides vaccines near you.

To schedule a vaccination at a Walmart store, visit the Walmart website here. Scroll past the map portion of the web page. You will see a blue section that says “Schedule Your COVID-19 Vaccine.” Click “Schedule Now” and you will be taken here. This is a login page and you will need to enter your Walmart account email and password before you can continue. At that point, you will be asked again to enter your zip code to see if there is a location near you that offers a vaccine.

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