is trading again at February levels

Nyesa returns to trading at February levels

Nyesa Valores and all its twists and turns cannot stop the bleeding of value. Not even at the stroke of absolute volatility, with which it moves these days in the Spanish Continuous Market. With exorbitant business volumes, moving more than 83 million shares and percentages far out of the average.

Let us also remember that the low value of its shares, of just a few cents, especially favors these clearly speculative movements, which do not benefit either the shareholders or the value. Thus Nyesa once again shows levels not registered since the first day of February, in the lower part of its annual contribution.

Nonetheless, so far this year the value maintains advances of 19% very far from the closest to the 100% that it managed, especially after the restructuring of its debt. In fact, in the last 20 sessions, the value has lost 15%, while since the beginning of July it has lost more than double digits. So far this year, since last January 4, the value has gained as we say, slightly above 19%.

Nyesa annual share price Nyesa annual share price

Nyesa annual share price

According to the technical indicators of Investment Strategies, Nyesa, in bearish mode, presents a radical change in the premium parameters with a cut of 0.5 points up to 2 of the 10 total points. On the positive side there is the long-term volume, for the value that is increasing and the range of amplitude, in the medium and long term, that is decreasing.

The rest in negative, with a downward trend in both aspects both in the medium and long term for Nyesa. The total, slow and fast moment is negative for the value, while the medium-term volume is decreasing.

Nyesa Premium Ei IndicatorsNyesa Premium Ei Indicators

Nyesa Premium Ei Indicators

For now, once its debt has been restructured, in a complex operation that has had the adhesion of 60% of its creditors and that led it to go up on the stock market in the central months of what we have been doing in 2021, with important discounts and payments 10 years from now, the value was supported by its new operations.

After finally abandoning the idea of ​​presenting a takeover bid for Iffe Futura, after studying its books, the company focuses on its renewable horizon, with the purchase of 50.1% of Contratas Leza with a portfolio of 2,600MW in photovoltaic projects and expects the company to have in 2025 a value of up to 100 million euros in 2025. At that time, he hopes to buy the subsequent 49.99% of the company at a price that could range between 10 and 50 million euros, depending on his valuation at the time.

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