Is this how Diego Boneta left it in series? Actor proves it in photos

Is this how Diego Boneta left it in series? Actor proves it in photos | Instagram

The actor Martín Bello, who acts in Luis Miguel: The Series, embodying “Uncle Tito“. He shared some photographs that would reveal the alleged attacks he received in one of the scenes with Diego Boneta.

The Spaniard who has become the villain of the plot, Martin Bello, brought to light evidence of the accusations he has made against the protagonist of the plot, Diego Boneta, who plays Luis Miguel.

The images show some of the areas of his body that would be seriously affected after the aggressions he received from the star character of the Netflix fiction.


It was in a recent interview in the program “Los Ángeles de la Mañana”, that the interpreter of the former brother of “Luis Rey”, in “Luis Miguel: The series“which portrays the life of the Puerto Rican-Mexican singer, accused the Mexican actor of having attacked him with great force, leaving him several damages after the intense scene.

It should be remembered that in one of the scenes of the fiction, Diego Boneta, who gives life to the “Sun of Mexico”, lets his uncle (Martín Bello) go with his fists so that he reveals where the remains of Marcela Basteri are.

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After finishing the scenes, the serial actor Luis Miguel and various tapes, noticed the bruises that would have derived from the violent scenes with the actor and singer.

The actor of films such as “Camarón”, “Che Guerrilla”, “A summer in Ibiza”, “GAL”, “I’m Alive”, “Red Eagle”, “There Down”, “Tell me how it happened”, etc., attended immediately to the camper where the makeup staff was, to whom he showed what had happened.

Similarly, Martín Bello shared that the original script did not include scenes of beatings, but a producer added them at the last minute, despite having signed a “non-violence” contract on set.

Faced with these strong accusations, in the program “Suelta la Sopa” he showed several images of the bruises on his body, which in addition to sending him to the hospital led to the risks of losing the mobility of his arm.

For this reason, Bello demands that the Netflix production pay him for the treatment that it has cost him to recover from all those bruises.

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After this, the producer responded to Martín Bello’s claims and pointed out that it is the actor who has not answered their calls.

After more than a year of what happened, the production was informed that Mr. Bello had been seeking additional medical attention, there have been several attempts to facilitate the reimbursement of any recurring care, but Mr. Bello continues without responding to such initiatives, the statement read in the statement.

In addition, the producers point out that the most important thing for them is the well-being of all the actors, so the Spanish did receive immediate medical attention on set.

The health and safety of our actors have always been our priority during the recreation of an ESSENTIAL scene of the series, Mr. Bello, was assisted both in rehearsals and filming by an expert coordinated stunts.

Unfortunately, and despite having adequate protections on his back and elbows, Mr. Bello was injured, received immediate medical attention and adequate subsequent follow-up, they describe.

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For his part, Diego Boneta has not commented on the matter, however, Martín, accused that although he is a figure of great fame, he does not give him the right to do what he wants.

An actor, no matter how much fame and followers he may have, cannot do what he wants, he is not worth it. I feel very affected psychologically and Netflix Mexico has not done anything, so I had to seek support from Netflix Spain, he concluded.

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