Is there spring asthenia? It is a disease?

04/05/2021 at 12:31 CEST

Although there is a popular saying that says “Spring alters blood”, the truth is the arrival of this season does not encourage many, but rather the opposite. Weakness, lack of concentration and lack of vitality is present in our daily activity at this time for a few days.

It has been several days since the change of season occurred and from his hand, the famous spring asthenia. This year, in addition, this decline as a result of the arrival of spring will add to the “pandemic fatigue” that many of us already suffer.

But, Is spring asthenia a real thing or is it just a myth? Well, despite the fact that specialists do not consider it a disease & mldr; exist, exists.

Is spring asthenia a disease?

This is how the doctor explains it Santiago Taboada Rivas member of the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians (SEMG), ¬ęspring asthenia It is not considered a pathology, although it can be understood as a process of adaptation to change in environmental factors.

Among these environmental factors we find the time change that occurred last weekend, the progressive increase in temperatures, changes in atmospheric pressure and humidity& mldr; To this is added, in addition, that there more hours of light and that the flowering of plants and trees causes many allergies.

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All these environmental changes They cause us fatigue, daytime sleepiness, concentration difficulties, poor appetite or lightheadedness.

But, as Dr. Taboada explains, there is no need to worry: our body will adapt to the spring news in a matter of a couple of weeks. So, If we feel more tired than normal for this reason, we have to know that it will not last forever.

Sometimes it has been pointed out that men show more the variations typical of the change of season. Some studies carried out in this regard indicate that, indeed there is a higher incidence of spring asthenia among men, 56% compared to 44% women. Although the specialist in general medicine points out that the question is not clear.

What is certain is that children and the elderly are those who suffer the most from environmental changes.

Remedies against spring asthenia

Once it is clear that these symptoms are real and we do not have to worry about them. What can we do to cope with spring asthenia?

Probably the professionals who most accuse the appearance of this phenomenon are the Pharmacists who observe how their pharmacies are filled with people requesting vitamins to face the typical fatigue of these dates.

For this reason, from the Barcelona College of Pharmacists they provide some advice:

The best thing is to respect the hours of sleep so that our body adapts well to the time change. Although the ideal is always to anticipate before it occurs. Do not neglect physical exercise, even though fatigue overwhelms us. A healthy diet is still essential. Providing our body with proteins, carbohydrates, fats, mineral salts, vitamins and water, will mean that we do not have to resort to vitamin supplements.

Know what happens to us and how to deal with it It is the first step to overcome well these days after the arrival of the long-awaited spring.

Yes indeed, if the symptoms persist beyond three or four weeks, it is best to see our doctor to rule out any pathology.