Is there a war between EXATLON USA and Youtubers?

Telemundo Rafael Soriano is once again part of Team Contendientes.

The controversy does not seem to leave the fifth season of Exatlon United States. The competition program of the Telemundo network has been seen in the eye of the hurricane in recent days, due to different news that have been shared by fan portals, one in particular that we exclusively reported at NowMismo was the apparent expulsion of two athletes for allegedly having breached the competition regulations.

The news has generated all kinds of comments, and even more so since it has not yet been confirmed by Telemundo, the house of Exatlon United States. While rumors run through social networks, Exatlon United States production is silent and the alleged implicated have not published anything concrete on social networks, only “El Tanque” Frank Beltre, who sent a cryptic message through his Instagram profile which he deleted shortly after, but in Now We were able to capture the image:

Courtesy Instagram

“Someday, everything will make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through your tears, be strong and remind yourself that everything happens for a reason. ”

Is there a war between EXATLON USA and Youtubers covering the competition?

But despite the fact that there has been no formal confirmation from Telemundo or Acum Media, the production house of Exatlon United States, on the alleged expulsion of two of its athletes, the war against the portals for fans on different social networks has been without quarter, As is the case with @ExatlonReport, an Instagram account in charge of publishing information about the competition, which was blocked and disabled and its own owner told us she did not know why:

Courtesy Instagram

This account was reported and blocked, not only that, it was removed from Instagram for no apparent reason. According to its own creator, as seen in the image, it is because he would have published a segment of what the Argentine journalist and presenter Javier Ceriani shared through his YouTube show Chisme No Like, where he would have talked about this alleged expulsion of these athletes and other so many delicate accusations that have fallen on the program of competitions and its production.

But the apparent cruelty is not limited only to Instagram, several YouTube accounts reportedly reported that their accounts were reported and blocked for echoing the information disclosed, the Movies MV portal ensures that Youtubers are “on red alert” in the face of the situation who are living with Exatlon United States production, a relationship that he assures was always close until now.


Parallel to all this situation, four reinforcements arrive to the competition to continue contributing to the Famous and Contending Teams, who have been severely affected by injuries that have reduced their performance in the competition. Among them are players from different sports disciplines, influencers and more.

All of them will leave everything in the sands of the Dominican Republic with the sole objective of succeeding and being crowned as the winner of the fiercest competition on the planet. Meanwhile the controversy continues.

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