Is there a new romance in EXATLON 5 USA?

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Throughout the five seasons of the Exatlon United States competition program, there have been stories of friendship, unconditional affection, and also sounded romances. Some continue today, others are to be seen and even the rest are a thing of the past and have been replaced by new illusions that have originated in the so-called fiercest competition on the planet.

The romances of Exatlon United States

What Happens Behind the Scenes at Exatlon USA is a proven formula for raising feelings among athletes. Young people who spend many hours together practicing and recording the sessions, confined and away from social networks for many months, it is inevitable that something will happen and it has exactly happened.

We were able to learn the story between the then reporter Jessica Cediel and the Team Famosos athlete, Mack Roesch, who fell in love during the competition and did not hide their feelings during Roesch’s passage through Exatlon United States, so that quickly after the competition they committed themselves quickly.

But just as love came quickly, it fleetingly left. Those then in love, after breaking the engagement, entered into a notorious dispute over the engagement ring that kept them on the covers of gossip magazines; While Mack Roesch asked Jessica to return the garment, Jessica categorically refuses. To this day we do not know the whereabouts of the famous ring.


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There are two athletes who during their season lived a beautiful love story in the competition that continued to this day. They are the Tarzan of the arenas, Jacobo García, and the “Chiquidinamita” Dayleen Santana, who, despite the fact that Jacobo is still in Exatlon United States, have already welcomed their first child, the first “100% baby. Exatlon United States ”, called Ezra, which means God Help, honoring the deep Christian faith of this couple.

More recently, in the fifth season of the competition, different portals for fans have ensured that the enamored Rafa Soriano, who was already related to Dennhi “La Bala” Callú, would now be involved in a relationship with the beloved Raquel Becker, so much so that Today’s fans of the competition are waiting for this relationship to continue, or to end, just as it did with their previous courtship.

Is there a new partner in EXATLON 5 USA?

Now the fan portals are sharing that within Team Contendientes, in the fifth season, there would be another romance, it is nothing more and nothing less than the former participant Karime Cabrera, who was recently doing a live session, as is customary with the eliminated where she revealed details about herself, her experience in the competition and even about a possible romance attributed to her with an athlete from her team.

In the live session and before the incessant questions from the fans, Karime addressed the issue about her alleged relationship with Horacio Gutierrez, as everyone assured that she had looked very bad after the girl’s departure. On this, Karime assured that Horacio and she became very good friends, and that both regretted saying goodbye, but that they are not a couple.

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