Is the new normal a new old friend?

The “new normal” does not seem like just a spark of change caused by the pandemic and makes us wonder if all these changes to our way of life were necessary changes that simply needed a fuse to light them.

Certainly, the new is “sexy” and we find it interesting that the pandemic has unleashed significant changes that were not foreseen or that had no precedent. But is this really the case or are they just changes that had been in the works for a long time and that simply needed a trigger like this to unveil?

The following questions arise from this, which makes us wonder if this new normal in effect forced us to be digital or if we already were without realizing it:

– Remote communication was not necessary considering the excessive time and resources invested in transfers to physical meetings and trips to business meetings or visits to distant friends?

– Didn’t work at home make sense by analyzing the underutilized office spaces, the expensive rents per m2 of them and the complexity of commuting to the office every day?

– Weren’t the schools already expensive, the educational methods anachronistic and the content impractical?

– A good part of our purchase transactions were not already mechanical and transactional without the need to go to a store to buy them?

– Was not the experience of physical stores already exhausted and the product variety limited to physical space and inventory optimization needs?

– Wasn’t the price-value ratio of the gyms already disproportionate and not justifiable?