is the best time to broadcast Falcon & Winter Soldier

Image from the first season of Falcon & Winter Soldier (2021)

The Serie “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” / “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” is offering a more realistic and humane look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We move much further away from the typical adventure with enormous fantastic overtones, and we go to a more earthly story, even reflecting day-to-day problems.

It is even said that one of the plots in the series adapted the arc from the Madbomb comics, a sonic device that made people go crazy when they were affected by it, causing them to run amok and attack each other. An idea approach that has not been officially confirmed and that rumors say was changed due to the parallels that could be made with the current pandemic.

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This Marvel product has been released in a full pandemic scenario, to reflect how the world is adapting to the events after the Blink of “Avengers: Endgame”. Even so, there are those who see a certain parallel, in the sense that both in the world of the MCU and in real life, society faces a unique situation. For this reason, the actor Anthony Mackie, Falcon in the series, believes that now is the best time to premiere a series like this.

Definitely, it’s the best moment [para la emisión de la serie]. I think we are a generation of change, which is exciting, which is wonderful to see, ”Mackie tells MTV News. We are a generation of acceptance and appreciation, which is amazing and wonderful to watch. And I think it’s the perfect time for this series. Because you’re dealing with the ‘Blip’ of [Vengadores:] ‘Endgame’ and showing these characters trying to re-acclimatize, basically trying to find their new normal, it’s going to be us in a few months when we’re all vaccinated and we have to find our new post-COVID normal.

He added: “It’s crazy, we shot this series two years ago, and none of this was planned or thought because we were not on COVID.”

Your co-star, Sebastian Stan, has also commented on how the pandemic has affected the broadcast of the series.

The crazy thing is that we were supposed to be the first streaming series and then the pandemic happened. We were supposed to go out in August. But, in a weird way, because so much has happened in our world, even since August, I am glad that we are coming out now so that all of that can be incorporated.

We close with this video behind the cameras of one of the moments of episode 1 of the series.

Via information | MTV News