Is the beautiful Alejandra Treviño the new Joselyn Cano?

Is the beautiful Alejandra Treviño the new Joselyn Cano? (Instagram)

Is the beautiful Alejandra Treviño the new Joselyn Cano? | Instagram

It seems that there is a possibility that Joselyn cano known as “La Kim Kardashian Mexicana” have a substitute, we are talking about the model and influencer Alejandra Treviño originally from Nuevo León, Mexico, information obtained from her official Instagram account.

On December 7, 2020, Joselyn Cano, whom her fans baptized as “The Mexican Kim Kardashian”, lost her life, millions of fans suffered her loss because with her constants she managed to delight Internet users and cause more than sighs.

The young influencer of social networks and YouTube in a short time has been constantly appearing, despite having a little more 74 subscribers on YouTube Alejandra Treviño is becoming more and more followers who are aware of her content.

Currently the young mexican model She is approximately 23 years old, not much information is known about her personal life, although two years ago a video of 25 things about her was shared, where the youtuber showed part of her tastes and some things that she had been through when she was younger.

On Instagram she has more than four million two hundred thousand followers, her publications are few around 495 but yes, the young model follows more than 1400 accounts in the application.

On February 6, he shared a Photo on Instagram where he appears wearing a tight Swimwear Black color, its enormous charms were quite tight so they stand out quite a lot, Treviño was accompanied by a robe with applications on the sleeves, some cuts that make the fabric look red.

Maybe we were forever and we will love each other forever … “Wrote the model.

Her publication has more than one hundred and fifty-six thousand red hearts, the comments that her fans left in the publication are about to reach 600, many of them talk about how beautiful she is and also about how well said suit fits her. bathroom, although it could also pass as underwear, because of the type of fabric it is.

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Surely the young Alejandra Treviño will soon become a true professional model and will be an even more well-known influencer with followers who are continuously paying attention to her varied content in different digital applications.

At the moment she is already an ambassador for the well-known Bang Energy brand, as well as other entertainment and Internet personalities such as the singer and youtuber Kimberly Loaiza as well as the Russian model Anastasia Kvitko among other celebrities.

Her photographs are quite interesting that although they do not resemble the type of publications that Joselyn Cano made at the time in which she tended to show more than her curves and on some occasions even her noble parts, Alejandra Treviño has indeed shared photos In swimsuits, however, she seems to tend to be a bit more reserved in terms of the content she shares, without neglecting the fact that she is extremely flirtatious.

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Like all Mexicans, she carries the Latin flavor in her veins, thanks to constant exercise, she maintains a spectacular figure, which for many would be more than perfect according to certain comments she has received in her photographs and videos.

Although many fans of the late Joselyn Cano still remember her fondly, it would be interesting for a new model to get the name “La Kim Kardashian Mexicana”, although in reality it would be somewhat complicated this nickname will have to be earned, and that her admirers agree on this as happened with Joselyn Cano who despite being born in the United States earned the name, just because her parents were originally from Mexico.