Is Scorpion Dorado Joining the Today Program Competition?

Is Scorpion Dorado Joining the Today Program Competition? | Instagram

Alejandro Montiel, better known as the Golden Scorpion He thrilled his followers by appearing on April 16 on the Venga La Alegría program. The appearance of the God of the Internet in the competition of the Hoy program raised speculation about whether it would be a permanent part of the TV Azteca morning.

The Golden Scorpion appeared suddenly on the television program, all this to promote his YouTube channel in which he conducts interviews with celebrities; However, his presence and the words of Laura G unleashed the possibility that the Golden Escorpion was part of the team of drivers of Come the joy.

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Laura G assured that the youtuber will often “mugroce them” and that he went to TV Azteca to “ask for a job.” For his part, Montiel in his funny character claimed to have many influences and frequently be in contact with Ricardo Salinas Pliego, for which he indicated that with a call the communicator could be out of the competence of the Today Program.

The brother of the successful Werevertumorro took advantage of his visit to the TV Azteca forums to live with the hosts and joke with them in his own way.

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In social networks you can see how the beautiful driver Cynthia Rodríguez, Carlos Rivera’s girlfriend “flirts” with him, questioning him why he showed up at his work without notifying him. The Golden Scorpion assured that the former Academician was already angry with the Lion King, referring to Rivera.

The truth is that the visit of the influencer to the television station increased the hopes of his followers to see very soon Alex Montiel on television.

The Golden Scorpion has gained enormous fame thanks to “its steering wheel.” This talented man shares interviews with celebrities on his YouTube channel, which usually garner millions of views very quickly.

In a funny way, the youtuber interviews and ends up taking out strong exclusives of the famous that end up being news headlines.

His interview with Erik Rubín recently caused enormous controversy, which unleashed countless notes derived from his loves such as Thalía and Salma Hayek and that ended up bothering the beautiful host of the Hoy Program, Andrea Legarreta.

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Legarreta assured that the one who goes with the Golden Scorpion knows what he is going for, to “relax” and that also many of the things that her husband said were already public knowledge, a situation for which she does not understand why so much fuss was made .