Is Samsung planning to remove it from its catalog?

The Galaxy Note is, without a doubt, one of Samsung’s most successful devices. Born in the times when people began to talk about phablets (before telephones grew in size to make the term obsolete), and from the hand of its inseparable and more than practical S Pen, in some moments it has come to rival in popularity even with the Galaxy S itself, making the Korean technology company could boast of having two flagships.

Mentioning the S Pen is no coincidence, as some rumors, regarding the future Galaxy S21, claim it will feature support for Samsung’s popular pointing device, an element that until now was exclusive to the Galaxy Note. At least in the 2021 revision, this feature would only reach the top of the range of the S series, that is to say the S21 Ultra, and a very curious fact is that, despite supporting it, it seems (also according to the leaks) that it will not have a slot for it,

As the internals of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note have grown closer, their sizes have followed suit, up to the current point where the S20 Ultra’s screen is 6.9 inches, up from 6, 8 of the Galaxy Note 10+. The device that one day stood out for being the largest in the catalog, has been surpassed by the S series. And thus, the big remaining differential factor is the S Pen, something that could change from January.

Is the end of the Galaxy Note coming?

If this point is confirmed, on which this ETNews news (in Korean) focuses, if the future Galaxy S21 Ultra gets support to use the S Pen … What sense would it make to keep the Galaxy Note range? All the differences between the two ranges would have disappeared and, therefore, it would mean redoubling efforts in various directions (design, production, marketing, etc.) to sell two frankly similar devices. And that would mean wasting resources that can be used for other purposes.

In this regard, the information from ETNews points in a very interesting direction, and that is Samsung could abandon the Galaxy Note line to use all its resources in a market segment that is gaining more interest every day: that of folding smartphones and with similar technologies. A segment that, let’s not forget, is fully high-end (with the potential income that this implies) and which manufacturers are looking more and more attentively.

Thus, if this approach is confirmed, 2021 could be the year of farewell to the Galaxy Note, with the Galaxy S21 Ultra debuting support for the S Pen. And, eventually, starting with the S22, this support could reach more models of the S family, something that would undoubtedly be a step forward … as well as an interesting additional source of resources for Samsung. And it is that, as Apple does with the Apple Pencil, obviously the S Pen would be marketed independently.