Is Sammy Pérez’s health complicated?

“We took a step back”: Is Sammy Pérez’s health complicated? | Instagram

“Yesterday we took a step back” Erick de Paz, the comedian’s manager shared the unfortunate news about the health of comedian Sammy Pérez who was hospitalized for complications derived from the condition that led him to be hospitalized in an emergency.

Today we took a step back, they turned Sammy face down again, he had some complications which made us back up in the process. ‘You can Sammy, you have to overcome this condition,’ the manager wrote to the actor.

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Erick de Paz commented that it was a “kidney failure” that is currently complicating the health of Sammy Pérez Reyes, in addition to other chronic conditions such as “diabetes.”

For four days, Sammy has been intubated and at dawn yesterday, he suffered a kidney complication from his diabetes, which could be stabilized with medications.

Everything seemed to improve for Sammy Pérez, last Thursday it transpired that the comedian had already been turned on his back when presenting improvement in his oxygenation, however, he was placed back in the original position when presenting more complications.

So far, his manager announced that it is expected that tomorrow the interpreter of XHDRBZ and “Derbez in When”, Sammy Pérez Reyes, will show improvement and will again be placed on his back.

It is upside down, they will probably turn it over tomorrow, De Paz said.

While the 55-year-old actor, who made his debut in programs like “El calabozo” is struggling to overcome his condition, the debt for hospitalization expenses is increasing, exceeding half a million pesos.

Reason why the relatives of Pérez Reyes have requested donations to cover hospital expenses where today the former colleague of Eugenio Derbez is treated.

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A statement announced that until Friday, the debt amounted to 516 thousand 222 pesos and 19 cents.

Thanking all of your good wishes and speedy recovery from Sammy. And the donations for their improvement #FuerzaSammy, reads the text.

Similarly, in another of the stories published by De Paz, the representative of the Mexican comedian, who became known mostly for his participation in Eugenio Derbez’s programs, requested greater respect for the humorist’s complicated moments.

Sammy is going through a very difficult time in terms of his health. That is why, in the best possible way, I ask you for the respect due to the situation, as well as to your family.

It is time to focus on your well-being and not on speculation, it is about being united to send you our best vibe, he asked.

In the same way, through the same publication where the invoice for hospitalization expenses is shown, it was clarified that although they support the cause, they are not involved in the realization of a supposed fundraising event, even, the attached document shows invoices that were settled with the donations they received.

Through a publication shared on Sammy’s official Instagram, the debt that he adds up to now was made known, which De Paz himself confirmed, as mentioned above.

As of today, the amount of $ 516,222.19 is owed to the hospital. Thanking all of your good wishes and speedy recovery from Sammy. And the donations for its improvement, it reads in the description of the image.

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It was last weekend when it emerged that the colleague of Puebla origin who collaborated with Derbez and “Miguel Luis”, and also participated in the film, “Returns are not accepted”, was hospitalized in an emergency due to very low levels of oxygenation and damage to the lungs, as a result of having contracted Covid-19.

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