Is Richard Sánchez leaving Club América? The Paraguayan ‘awoke fear’ in the fans

Richard Sanchez, Paraguayan midfielder for the Club América Eagles, aroused ‘fear’ in the Eagles fans, after the rumor of his possible departure was born on social networks after ‘erasing’ from networks that he is a Azulcremas player.

Richard Sánchez was one of the players involved in the party with escorts and as a result of this, he ‘erased’ from his social networks, the traces that indicated that he was a Club América player, which alarmed the fans.

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The truth is that, since the scandal was uncovered, Richard changed his networks and hid his photos, as did some of the other people involved.

The rumor was born for that reason, as some fans discovered the change in their networks and were alarmed, however, the restriction of their networks happened shortly after the scandal.

The fans of Club América began to spread rumors of his departure, however, there is no information that dictates that he can leave the Eagles.

Santiago Solari has him contemplated for the next tournament and, if a juicy offer from Europe does not arrive for the Paraguayan, he will not leave the club.

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