Is Macías leaving Chivas? This is how the other Guadalajara forwards are

With the supposed departure of Jose Juan Macías to the Spanish League to play with him Getafe, Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara will have to use their other forwards to cover the loss of their “9” starter, although they do not present very good numbers.

The Sacred Flock has five forward centers left: Ángel “Chelo” Zaldivar, Oribe Peralta Y César “el Chino” Huerta, from the first team; Jesus Godínez, that returns from Lion; Y Ronaldo Cisneros, which is located in Tapatío.

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Of these elements, Ronaldo Cisneros is the one who had the best performance in the 2021 Clausura Tournament, as he accumulated 1,360 minutes in 15 games and managed to score five goals in the Expansion League.

After him, “el Chelo” Zaldívar is the only striker who managed to score in the last season, adding 327 minutes in 13 games and getting a score, in the Clásico Tapatío against the Rojinegros del Atlas.

The numbers of the rest of the forwards are: Oribe Peralta, 83 minutes in 3 games; César Huerta, 191 minutes in 9 games; and Jesús Godínez, 180 minutes in 9 games with León. None of the three accumulating even three complete games (270 minutes).

In this way, Chivas will have a big problem choosing its next forward center, as it seems practically impossible for a new player to arrive in this transfer market.

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