Is Luis Sojo infected, why don’t they give the names of those affected by Covid-19?

Hector J. Cruz

A group of players from the Tigres del Licey and the Gigantes del Cibao have tested positive for Covid19 in the last hours, which has led the Public Health authorities to suspend the weekend matches of both teams.

There is an agreement between the league, its teams and Public Health not to disclose the names of those infected, which could include, in the case of Licey, its manager Luis Sojo, who took the test last Friday and had the result this Saturday.

The question is: Why keep these names of players, executives and auxiliary personnel a secret if they themselves constitute contagion elements, not only for Dominican winter baseball, but also for friends, family and related?

Why do not Lidom and Public Health offer the names of known infected figures, as has been happening in all areas of the country and the world? Team managers say they can only give them when the affected themselves give authorization.

It is known that the Minister of Public Health, Plutarco Arias, was infected and spent almost a month away from his duties in treatment at a medical center in Santiago. And even the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, was affected during the electoral campaign and was cured.

Athletes such as Franklyn Núñez, journalist, David Díaz and Sergio Taveras, basketball; the late Kalil Haché (he died of Covid 19 with his wife), the musician Cheché Abreu, who died just days ago, all made their situation public, but winter baseball does not do it by choice.

Listin Diaro consulted the president of the Licey, Dr. Domingo Pichardo, about the veracity or not of the contagion of his manager Luis Sojo, and said: “The names of the positives cannot be revealed if they do not authorize it, so I cannot answer to that question. It is true that we have some positive coaches and players, but so far in the second tests carried out today they all came out negative. Today’s test results must be respected, but apparently the Licey will be on the field next Monday ”.

Licey was forced to suspend his three weekend games, and could return next Monday when he visits Las Aguilas, in Santiago. The Giants of the Cibao were also notified this Saturday that they could not continue their calendar until further notice due to the existence of different infections there.

However, in the case of the Licey, if the team or Public Health confirms or denies it, it will be Monday when it will be known if Sojo is infected or not.

Sojo, a Venezuelan, was tested for Covid on Friday with his wife Zuleima and their 12-year-old daughter Liz. According to unconfirmed network data, Sojo would have tested positive, but not his family.

At the international level, there are many public personalities who have declared the contagion and treatment of Covid, and more than 90% have overcome it.

Locally, several figures were affected early on and some died, such as fashion designer Jenny Polanco.

Lidom has the challenge of setting up this tournament in the middle of Covid19, without fans, but now they will have to decide whether to disclose the names of those affected or keep them secret.

It is not clear if Dominican law requires giving these names in the case of an unforeseen pandemic and with precedents of more than a century.

The tournament has only celebrated 6 dates, including last night, when Águilas and Escogido would play in Santiago. Those same clubs would be celebrating another game this Sunday at 4 in the afternoon, at the Quisqueya Juan Marichal stadium.

So far, infections have only been reported in the Licey and Gigantes, but that could spread to other clubs in the coming days. Lidom does not have the so-called “bubble” and players and other staff are free to go home when games are over. The post-game controls are very weak, and rather depend on the conscience and responsibility of each person.