Is love over? Niurka shows off with a new heartthrob on social networks

Is love over? Niurka shows off with a new gallant on social networks | INSTAGRAM

His nickname of “The scandal woman” It is not just because, Niurka Marcos does not come out of a scandal when she is already in the middle of another and that is exactly what happened this past weekend, when she appeared on social networks hand in hand and very caramelized with another gallant, Have you already forgotten Marko Pena?

We know well that the starlet is one of the most controversial celebrities in Mexican entertainment, she has starred in media fights with celebrities such as Ninel Conde and Laura Zapata, and now, the actress returned to the eye of the hurricane after sharing and being tagged in several photographs in which she appears next to who is allegedly her new boyfriend.

After weeks ago, Marcos appeared on the set of “Hoy” with the singer Marko Peña, where both confirmed that they had a real emotional relationship, but the events of this weekend ensure that the heart of the Cuban has a new owner.

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Its about physical trainer and night dancer, King Montaño, who from his profile together with the star, shared photos on their social networks where they are very happy and completely in love.

After the latter happened, Niurka was accused almost immediately on social networks of showing a false courtship with Marko Peña, as it was believed that the relationship was more of a way to publicize the singer in the launch of his new music video, the which stars Marcos.

She explained that, during the recording of the music video with Peña, she did everything to seduce him, she wanted to give their collaboration realism, and despite the fact that in all the promotional interviews on the subject, the couple was in charge of letting the public know that their relationship was not it was false.

Even Marko had had the opportunity to live with the Cuban’s children, but, given what happened, yesterday afternoon, the singer withdrew all the photos he had with the aforementioned on social networks and not a single word was said to the respect, so far.

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For his part, Marcos shared through his Instagram account that he was carrying out activities in Yucatán with Reey Montaño, enjoying the different attractions that his hotel provides.

Of the 8 images he posted, in three of them you can see the coach and the star kissing in a pool with the message “Always with me”, accompanied by heart emojis, likewise, Niurka’s photos not only surprised by showing to a new partner of the dancer, but because she showed her figure in a small golden bikini.

For his part, Montaño was also in charge of uploading the photos to his Instagram profile, with the same message, to which Niurka’s followers claimed that “he took it from Marko”, the also singer, had shared on his profile of Instagram that was in Valladolid, Yucatán, and even showed what his exercise routine was like in the gym of the hotel where he stayed, always with his alleged new love, since then it began to speculate that his relationship with Peña had ended, but nothing was confirmed until seeing the coach and the star kissing and celebrating their love.

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In addition, we were able to notice that both Niurka and the singer have deleted from their social networks all the photos in which they were seen together, including the advertising ones.

Although, until now neither of the two involved have mentioned anything about it, but, a close source has mentioned that the coach had already worked with Niurka before, and they actually have a lot of trust and are great friends, although, there may be the possibility that they have an open relationship or simply kiss to reinforce their friendship.