Is Loki working as well as the previous Marvel series?

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“Loki”, the new Marvel Studios series on Disney +, presents a brilliant proposal linked to the most interesting sci-fi theme of the latest Marvel projects. Thus, space-time travel, the presentation of alternative lines and the reconfirmation of the multiverse are the central axis of the series. But there are few who think that perhaps, the way to develop and unite the elements is not exploiting full potential that could offer the content.

Notice of spoilers for the series of what was seen up to episode 3


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So far, we have been introduced to the AVT (Agency for Temporal Variation) and their way of working, to a Loki more oriented towards the one we saw in “Thor: Ragnarok” and who is steal the show thanks to the magnificent performance of Tom Hiddleston and, at the moment, to the character represented as the villain of the series, a variant of Loki called Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino). Although it was the most-watched Marvel Studios premiere in the platform’s short history, media impact and critical balance in social networks, with respect to the predecessor series (“Wandavision” and “Falcon and The Winter Soldier”) it leaves much to be desiredespecially after the third chapter.

Poster dedicated to the Guardians of Time from the Loki series (2021)Poster dedicated to the Guardians of Time from the Loki series (2021)Last Wednesday, the series reached the middle of the season with chapter 3 titled “Lamentis.” The name of the planet that Loki and Sylvie are trapped on after escaping from the AVT, with the goal of rebuilding the time pad that allows them to travel again. It could be classified as a interlude in the main plot, where a single data relevant to history is provided (AVT workers are variants of the Earth) and focuses on establishing the relationship between Loki and Sylvie. Colloquially known as a filler episode necessary to deepen character development but perhaps, in such a short series and with a weekly premiere, creates the opposite effect.

Due to the widespread bad taste in the mouth this episode has left, many people are beginning to truly question the fate of the series. Personally, I find it to be a very interesting and entertaining product and, although it could be improved in some respects, the last episode was my favorite of the three. Even so, I understand and I think I know some reasons why the series does not finish hooking certain sectors.

First of all, it is not surprising that many viewers came with high expectations after the successes of the previous products. “Wandavision” set the bar too high and, as “Loki” seemed the most attached to her in terms of theme, originality and appreciation of theories, she gave rise to expect great things. In addition, the advances promised, and a lot. The favorite villain of many returned with his own series and did so by exploring something unknown in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Perhaps the high expectation has played a trick.

Image of Loki 1x03: LamentisImage of Loki 1x03: Lamentis

This reason can be directly linked to the following: the general absence of theories. The key factor that keeps a Marvel series alive week after week is not working. After the Scarlet Witch tour in Westview, there was a relaxation in theorizing and for a series like this, it does not benefit him at all. Even the number of videos made by content creators compared to previous series has decreased, as well as the corresponding views.

Loki series promotional poster (2021)Loki series promotional poster (2021)Third, I consider that a full season premiere It would have worked better, even if it meant losing the weekly experience of waiting for the next chapter. The reason is simple: there are 6 episodes of little more than 45 minutes, with a third of filler that, surely, would not have been so criticized if the following episodes were to be seen at the moment. Let me explain, in series like “Daredevil” or “The Punisher”, the fillers went (mostly) unnoticed because you saw the next one and that feeling disappeared. It is normal that, sometimes, there is a pause in the main story to explore other aspects that, later, will be relevant and necessary to create a correct story arc. So I think that a full premiere would have saved him a lot of criticism (blindly if the season had not finished yet), while also hurting him in other things.

Anyway, maybe “Loki” is not a series for everyone, and those of us who enjoy it, we do it to a great extent. As a big fan of time travel, I am really enjoying the content offered, although Marvel’s way of explaining this theory (not scientifically proven) it’s very different to the conventional products of a lifetime (the saga of “Back to the Future”, for example), as summarized in “Avengers: Endgame”. That’s why I think complexity when developing your theory it gives rise to a certain sector not interested in topics like this to disconnect completely. Especially in episode two, Loki’s brilliant metaphor for explaining the role of the apocalypses in the sacred timeline can become overwhelming.

Without going any further, the main reason you don’t like or get bored with this series may be because it is not made for you. Like there are numerous positive reviews and people wanting to enjoy the following episodes. The point is that the demand on Marvel products is so high, that at the minimum slippage many put their hands to the head. Of course, it should be noted that there are still three episodes left where the most unexpected can happen and many views or perspectives can turn 360 degrees.

We leave you with an interview by Tom Hiddleston for BBC Radio 1 in which he states that from the fourth chapter, the series takes a new direction, whose destiny will be materialized in the fifth.

The 1 × 04 of “Loki” arrives on Wednesday June 30 at Disney +.

And you? Why do you think “Loki” is not working the same as its predecessors?

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