Is Leticia Calderón recovering? Yadhira Carrillo reveals it

Is Leticia Calderón recovering?  Yadhira Carrillo reveals it (Instagram)

Is Leticia Calderón recovering? Yadhira Carrillo reveals it | Instagram

The actress Yadhira Carrillo surprised everyone on this occasion by addressing the issue about Leticia Calderon, the one who was her husband’s wife, Juan Collado, He expressed himself as on a few occasions and also sent him a message, apparently he has kept an eye on the evolution of the actress who is still in the hospital.

Yadhira Carrillo, known for her appearances on the small screen, She was approached in recent days by the cameras where she was questioned about the current condition of the former partner of her husband and mother of her stepchildren, Leticia Calderón, is she recovering favorably?

The histrionic, originally from Aguascalientes, Yadhira Carrillo, spoke in recent days about the health of Leticia Calderón who is still hospitalized, the histrionic was admitted to the hospital after testing positive for the virus Covid-19.

It was on this occasion that Yadhira Carrillo put aside the differences that he may have had with the actress of “Empire of Lies“of which after sharing some details about his current state of health, he sent a message in which he expressed” His best wishes “so that all this goes well.

Apparently, Yadhira Carrillo, was very optimistic about the progress that the consecrated “queen of soap operas”, Leticia Calderon, has had.

Okay, okay. Yes, it’s fine, it’s just a matter of patience like this, of time, but it is perfectly well attended, he assured.

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As has been known, patients who test positive for this virus have a slow recovery, and although in many of the cases of celebrities or other people, the results have been totally the opposite due to the various damages it causes, apparently the organism of “Lety” is reacting favorably.

It should be said that the actress is one of the most beloved in the world of entertainment, both for her collaborators and her fans, so many people have been very attentive to her health.

It was the actress Yadhira Carrillo herself who revealed that her husband, the lawyer Juan Collado, in addition to her, are very aware of the health of the mother of their children, when questioning her about the state of Lety, Yadhira shared the details.

Yes, of course, very pending like every day. Yes of course, of course, it is very pending, they mobilized very quickly “.

In the middle of the talk, Yadhira took the opportunity to send her “best wishes” to the actress, Leticia Calderón, whom she hopes will soon be able to leave the hospital and also assured: “There are no differences.”

There have never been differences … on my part there has never been a single difference … Never. I wish him the best always, like all his life ”, he concluded.

In the same way, he shared that he hopes “soon I can leave the hospital”,

We are very aware and with all the faith that this is going to turn out as we want, that it comes out, that it is healthy and that it will be out happy and content very soon, “he said.

Likewise, they also took the opportunity to question the lawyer’s children, the fruits of their relationship with the interpreter and driver: Luciano and Carlos, to which Carrillo replied that he is fine and that the lawyer calls them by phone.

Yes, they are with their family, of course. Yes, the children are fine. Juan is in contact every day by phone. We are very aware and with all the faith that this will turn out the way we want it to, that it is healthy and that it will be out soon, happy, content, “he said.

It was the night of January 15 when it was announced that Leticia Calderon had been hospitalized in an emergency, the interpreter of the character “Victoria Robles Cantú”, in “Empire of Lies” and other remembered melodramas such as “Esmeralda” requested her fans prayers to positively overcome this condition.

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Several days ago the news was released that the star had contracted the virus, however, it was her friend, the journalist Addis Tuñón, who shared that her health had been complicated so she was hospitalized in an emergency, for which she asked a prayer for your dear friend.