Is it your new love “nest”? Nodal would give a mansion to Belinda

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Is it your new love “nest”? Nodal would give a mansion to Belinda | Instagram

Apparently the romance between Christian nodal and Belinda points to a nuptial outcome after it was announced that the singer would have given a mansion to the pop star.

The couple has shown the seriousness of their relationship despite the fact that the rumors at the beginning indicated that it would possibly be something “temporary”, now the singer would have a splendid detail with his girlfriend, the interpreter of “Bella traición”, Belinda.

“Love at first sight?”

After the couple met during the recordings of the show “Mexico’s voice“Where they served as a coach, the news of their romance was a mid-show bombshell and many attributed it to a publicity strategy for the show.

However, now it seems that between them there is true love and commitment, or at least that is what they have been showing to the public and their loyal fans mainly.

Now they ensure that the new property that the interpreter of “Goodbye Love“He has gifted Belinda is ready for the artist of Spanish origin to give her a personal touch.

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“He spared no expense”

It was the journalist Elisa Beristain who revealed more details of the property which they reveal is located in an exclusive area of ​​Guaymas, Sonora, almost five hours away from the 21-year-old singer’s place of origin.

According to Beristain, who shared through the YouTube channel “El Borlote”, which is a very luxurious residence, the famous interpreter of regional music would spare no expense to pamper his current partner, the huge house is valued at 670 thousand dollars, as described by the journalist.

Could Belinda be willing to move out?

Currently, the famous pop musician, Belinda Peregrín lives with her parents in a house located in Mexico City, however, from time to time she could move to the property, since as on various occasions both share a lot of time together according to some Instagram stories in which you can see that the singer’s boyfriend frequently lives with her family.

Everything seems to indicate that the place would be surrounded by complete privacy since it would be the “love nest” to which the figures escape to unleash their romance with no witnesses involved.

More expensive than Lupillo Rivera’s?

In addition to this, it transpired that the 28-year-old actress and singer is not the only property that is part of her fortune since the so-called “Toro del Corrido”, Lupillo Rivera He would have given him a property valued at 4.5 million dollars, it is located in the United States and has a Jacuzzi, 5-bedroom pool, seven bathrooms and spacious common rooms.

In one of the images that circulate on the internet you can see a large two-story property in white and some details in black, the front shown in the image would indicate the back of the house itself that has a large sliding door to an extensive pool.

In the same way, some images of the mansion have been revealed that would have been retaken by various means. It seems that her partners have wanted to show her their love in a very evident way and have not only tattooed the face or eyes of the beautiful singer but also gave her ostentatious residences.

On the other hand, in recent days the couple starred in another dose of strong controversy after the duet that Christian Nodal performed with Ángela Aguilar was announced, both interpreting “Tell me how you want.”

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The video unleashed several comments in which they pointed out “the beautiful couple that Nodal and Angela reflected in the video clip”, even highlighting that “he looked much better than with Belinda.”