Is it Silent Hill? The Medium studio works on horror game with major company

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Bloober Team has developed very memorable horror experiences and it seems that little by little their projects are maturing. So much so that he has now earned the trust of a major gaming company to work on a horror game.

In a talk with, Piotr Babieno, CEO of Bloober Team, spoke about the past and present of the company he runs. There he made it clear that they are working on a horror project with a major company.

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As you can imagine, Babieno couldn’t come forward and share more details about it. This is why the identity of the project and the distributor remain secret. What he did say is that he hopes the community will be excited once the project is officially revealed.

“In fact, we have been working for over a year on another gaming project, another horror franchise and we are doing it with a very important gaming distributor. I can’t tell you who. I cannot tell you what the project is, but I am sure that when people know that we are working on it, they will be excited about this ”, were the words of the manager.

As you can imagine, these statements sparked a lot of speculation. What could it be? Speculation may point to it being Konami and Silent Hill, as there are several rumors about it. With that said, the reality is that it could be another horror franchise or something entirely new.

Bloober thinks of games geared for the masses

Later in the talk, Bloober Team talked about the benefits of releasing The Medium on Game Pass. The main one is that it allows them to have been tested by a much larger audience, which is already familiar with the genre.

“It is very important for a game developer to show their game to the widest audience possible. So I would say that Game Pass is helping us and maybe in the future we can do something like that again with Microsoft, “he said.

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Later, the manager pointed out that, as part of future strategy, they will seek to make games for the masses: “They will continue to be Bloober Team games and everyone who plays them will receive that flavor. But they will be much more mass-oriented. “

And you, what do you think is the company that Bloober Team is working with? Tell us in the comments.

The Medium, the most recent game from Bloober Team, arrived this year on Xbox Series X | S and PC. You can learn more about this title by clicking here.