Is it safe to shop online on AliExpress?

At present, and with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, many consumers could purchase their products through platforms, so here we tell you how safe it is to make your purchases on AliExpress from Mexico.

Making purchases on AliExpress from our country is safe, as long as you must take into account that for this acquisition to be made successfully, you need to be careful, both when registering your information and when choosing the product you would like to buy.

Is it safe to shop online on AliExpress? Photo: Pixabay.

One of the benefits that AliExpress could count on before you make your purchase is that it is made up of a system that shows you the points of the product you want to choose, which makes it easier for you to find sellers who offer you security.

It is also important that if you want to make a purchase safely, you could review the evaluations of the item and the seller, which are evaluated by the following number of stars:

4 and 5 stars mean a positive evaluation. 3 stars equal a neutral rating. 1 and 2 stars are defined as negative evaluation.

Each evaluation will have on one side, the voting record, which is translated into the number of buyers who gave their opinion on the desired item. That is, the higher the number of votes, it means that buyers comment that the AliExpress seller is trustworthy. On the subject of the security of your money, AliExpress has a platform that protects your information.

The seller also accepts his own payment method, which could be by credit or debit card, electronic wallets such as PayPal and Mercadopago, which gives you the opportunity to make deposits in Oxxo stores. There is also another payment alternative, which refers to the use of Western Union and bank transfers, although in these last two options there are commission charges and sometimes the payment takes time to register.

It is worth mentioning that AliExpress establishes a series of customer protection policies, which refer to:

Privacy policies to protect all your data confidentially

Protection of your payment, since it is retained until you confirm the delivery to later make it to the seller. There are guarantees in the delivery times of the article. If you received a product other than what was promised, you could make a dispute.

AliExpress has two guarantee alternatives, one is the one that you can request through a dispute and the other refers to the refund of your money.

The dispute method consists of personalized attention, to carry out this process you will only have to click on the option « Open dispute », which is located in the summary of your order.

Customer protection guarantees are used when the article:

It does not arrive It is different from what has been published It arrives in poor condition It does not work It is not original

It is extremely relevant that in order for the commented policies to be valid, you must confirm the receipt of your order before day 61, in case you do not notify that your product arrived within 60 days of having made your purchase. , AliExpress will understand that everything is normal and will make the respective deposit to the seller.

After you have confirmed the receipt of your order, you have a period of fifteen days to verify the product and make a claim in case you have a problem.

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