“Is it bravery to lie to all Spaniards?”

The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, during his speech at the fifteenth Congress of the Popular Party of the Valencian Community (PPCV). (Photo: . / Kai Försterling)

Pablo Casado does not give truce. This Saturday the fifteenth Congress of the Popular Party of the Valencian Community was held, in which Carlos Mazón has been elected as regional president of the party, and the national leader of the PP has taken the opportunity to charge against the pardons to the prisoners of the ‘procés ‘Catalan.

Coinciding with the fact that this same Saturday the federal committee of the PSOE was held, which Casado has described as “the silence of the lambs”, the leader of the PP has referred to the words of Pedro Sánchez in defense of the pardons, and has replied: “Is it bravery to lie to all Spaniards?”

Casado has criticized that the pardons, and those who have ordered them, “are very cowardly.” “By being a few more months in Moncloa they have deceived us”, he has launched.

We are with concerted education and with common subjects that do not indoctrinate our children Pablo Casado

After a while, Pablo Casado clarified that he “has come to talk about the Valencian Community.

The leader of the PP began by thanking a woman, “a great woman” named Isabel (but not Díaz Ayuso). Casado was referring to Isabel Bonig, the until now president of the Popular Party of the Valencian Community who will now be succeeded by Carlos Mazón. “Let no one try to degrade you to the appendix of the Catalan Countries”, he said.

Casado also had words of gratitude for Toni Cantó, brand new director of the Spanish Office in Madrid, and for the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, present there. It has not been remembered, however, the ‘other’ Isabel (Díaz Ayuso), who this time has not attended the PP Congress in Valencia.

In his speech, Casado announced that, if he becomes president, he will abolish the gift and inheritance tax, and has reiterated his defense of the e …

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