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As indicated by recent rumors, the existence of Final Fantasy XVI was revealed today and in the presentation trailer it was reported that the RPG will be exclusive, on consoles, to PlayStation 5, which immediately opened the possibility of seeing its debut on PC. . However, after the Sony event, there was a change that has raised doubts and LEVEL UP consulted with Square Enix about what happens with the announcement of the game.

Although the PlayStation event has gone well, it is also true that it had its details in terms of communication errors and one of them just took place around Final Fantasy XVI. Initially, we asked Square Enix if what was shown in the trailer that the game will only be available on PS5, in terms of consoles, confirms that there will be a PC edition in the future, to which a company spokesperson responded. : « We have no additional information on whether Final Fantasy XVI will be released on other platforms besides the PS5. »

Although it is obvious that the company would be saving the information for the future, moments later a detail was found that has raised doubts since the trailer that we saw at the PlayStation 5 event ended with the legend « exclusive on PlayStation console ». However, as Gematsu pointed out, the Final Fantasy XVI trailer that was uploaded to YouTube after the event ends by showing only the PlayStation 5 logo.

Stay informed, in LEVEL UP.