“Is Isabel Díaz Ayuso like that, or does he do it to her?”

On the afternoon of Wednesday January 13, ‘Save me’ had the intervention of Ignacio Aguado, vice president of the Community of Madrid, to talk about the situation in the region after the passage of the storm Filomena. An intervention in which Jorge Javier Vázquez had the opportunity to chat with the politician and that the Catalan did not miss the opportunity to launch the occasional jibe at the president of the community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

Jorge Javier launches a question about Isabel Díaz Ayuso to Ignacio Aguado in ‘Sálvame’

After addressing the problems generated by the snow and ice in recent days throughout the autonomous community, Ignacio Aguado addressed the high incidence of the coronavirus that was occurring in the region, as a result of the relaxation of the population during the Christmas season . « If there is a measure that would be effective against Covid, it would be not to lose fear of it, » said Aguado, moment in which Vázquez launched his first taunt to Díaz Ayuso. « The bad thing is all those people who insist on traveling hugged in the subway, » said the presenter. Vázquez thus made reference to the words of Díaz Ayuso who, in the face of the crowds in said transport, had pointed out that infections were not probable, since « in the Madrid metro it is normal not to be hugged. »

Far from giving up the question, Aguado chose to underline the importance that public transport had had during the storm, as « the only one that has remained open during these days. » « It has been possible to produce agglomerations, but if we take the appropriate measures, no cases have been detected, » commented the vice president, before which Jorge Javier stressed the importance of « sending the message that people do not travel hugged, that this is fundamental. » « The people of Madrid are very given to traveling hugged in the subway, » joked the presenter, after which he addressed the question of when would everything return to normal. Aguado said then that « we are working to do it as soon as possible », opening accesses in streets and schools, in addition to removing trees and branches that had collapsed due to the weight of the snow, reaching figures of more than 150,000 copies that they would have fallen.

« He has a piece of heaven earned »

« I wanted to ask you a question, Vice President, since I have it here, which makes me very excited to do it, » said the presenter, joking, in the final stretch of the interview, given the « great confidence » that had emerged. « We have been in ‘Sálvame’ for twelve years and people always ask me if what is happening is true, if everything is organized, with a script. So, you who are lucky enough to have her so close: is Isabel Díaz Ayuso like that, or is she does it? « , Jorge Javier launched, laughing. « It’s like that. He is a person who is the way he is. I don’t think he’s hiding anything, » Aguado replied, without losing his smile, before defending that « like everyone else, we try to do things right and sometimes they turn out like that and other times they turn out badly , as in any profession « and ensure that » I work very well with it.  » « Thank you very much, you have earned a little piece of heaven, » said the Catalan sneeringly.