Dolph Ziggler is no longer afraid of being fired from WWE

Dolph Ziggler’s career as a WWE superstar has lasted more than 15 years so far. This is impressive for any superstar, and The Show Off made a name for itself as the years went by.

The company fired many superstars on April 15, but Ziggler still kept his job. He was switched to RAW and immediately placed in a WWE Championship match. That exchange was not his idea, he made it 100% clear.

Dolph Ziggler not entirely concerned about being fired

While talking to Sports Illustrated, Dolph Ziggler addressed the fear of losing her job in WWE. When he started the company, he was convinced that it would only last two months. He is now a veteran superstar after a career with the company that included a couple of occasions when he was sure his job was in jeopardy.

“As for the story, 15 years ago, I entered as a caddy for two months. I assumed I would be fired once the story ended. Then I became part of the spirit squad, until the five of us were hit and thrown into a box, so I assumed I had been fired again. As much as I like to pretend I don’t care, I’m putting everything I have into this every time I go out. But I also like to mess with everyone and say, “I don’t care, just pay me.”

Dolph Ziggler’s WWE career has been impressive so far. His hard work was obviously worth it. Now he has another shot at the WWE title on Extreme Rules: The Horror Show.

Do you think Dolph Ziggler deserves another reign with the WWE championship ?, leave your opinion in the comments section.

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