Is Dana White willing to work with Logan and Jake Paul?

Dana White | Image: Zhe Ji / Getty Images

Brothers Logan and Jake Paul have entered boxing to try to conquer it (at least in terms of popularity). The first of them lost in their first match but is now scheduled to face Floyd Mayweather on June 6. The latter has won all three of his fights on the string, most recently against MMA star Ben Askren. Taking all this into account and that it seems that the brothers will continue to grow, Would Dana White work with them?

Dana White will never work with the Paul brothers

In a recent interview with ESPN the UFC president made clear his views on this issue:

“First, I would never do business with those guys. That is not what we do. I’m not lending one of our boys, what for? There is no way that can happen. They have a bunch of fucking idiots out there that they can play whatever those guys are playing with.. I am not his man.

Dana White also said have been very surprised by the victory of Jake Paul against Ben Askren.

You can’t deny that the guy has gotten into the conversation with real guys. I don’t know if I believe about Ben Askren. It is hard for me to believe that this happened.

And at the same time also thinks Jake Paul’s popularity won’t last long.

«Let’s see how much time passes before this boy’s 15 minutes are upbut they are being smart.

Jake paulJake Paul | Image: Getty

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