Despite the « curfew », Nuevo León would allow people to leave home for certain activities

Among the exceptions, it would be going out for food, medicine or work (only in essential sectors)

It is estimated that the hospital occupancy rate in the entity is already 70 percent

While all of Mexico is following a unified system for returning to the so-called « new normal », radically different measures are being taken in each entity. This, because in each part of the country there is a radically different advance of the pandemic. Although the number of infections is notably low in some municipalities, other areas are yet to reach their peak of infection. In this group, the state of Nuevo León seems to enter.

Unfortunately for the northern entity, it seems that the balance between infection cases and a return to the new normal will require increasingly stringent measures. According to El Sol de México, a “curfew” is being considered in Nuevo León. According to the entity’s Secretary of Health, Manuel de la O. Cavazos, the idea is to reduce mobility throughout the region. But, at the same time, avoid stopping the process of economic reactivation.

According to La Política Online, it is only a previous proposal that the state authorities are going to discuss with the mayors of Nuevo León. A virtual meeting between officials is expected to end at 3:00 p.m. and a decision will be announced. The idea is to prevent people from circulating on the streets between 22:00 and 05:00, as well as on weekends all day. Another measure to discuss would be to prohibit the operation of restaurants, out of home service.

An adequate measure for the objective of Nuevo León?

Throughout Mexico, government authorities are under notable pressure to balance both economic reopening and population health protection. While Nuevo León is weighing its curfew, the capital is creating a framework for shopping malls and restaurants to return to their activities. In Puebla, there is a notable reluctance to let certain sectors return. And in Querétaro, efforts are being made to open businesses as soon as possible.

Related Notes

But it is worth reviewing the proposed measure of the « curfew » in Nuevo León. It is true that mobility could be radically reduced with these measures, with a special emphasis on weekends. It could also be ensured that the more or less essential activities continue, with the exceptions that are planned and free transit for most of the week. On the other hand, it would be devastating for late-night or weekend business.

However, perhaps the most negative consequence does not come from the economic side. Throughout the world, the dangers of too rapid a reopening of all productive activities have been warned. And one of them was the damage to consumer confidence if a quarantine were re-implemented after the Great Enclosure. True, the « curfew » for Nuevo León would not be the same. But it could have a negative effect on public perception.

Reopening challenges throughout the world

Along with Nuevo León, in several countries outside of Mexico it has been seen that there are really few governments that have found how to deal with the return to the new normal. South Korea, a brilliant example in the control of COVID-19, presented a troubling outbreak. In the United States (Apple), Apple was forced to re-close 25 percent of its stores in the country again. China put an aggressive quarantine in Beijing after a dozen cases.

With all these precedents, the only thing that is clear is that nobody really has a clear idea of ​​what the reopening of Nuevo León, or any other region of the world, could be like. According to the Washington Post, all productive activities must be reconfigured to reduce the possibility of contagion. According to the University of Pennsylvania, it is inevitable that there are deaths and infections, so politicians must be willing to make this bet.