Is Bitcoin Likely To See A 12% Drop Soon?

The price of Bitcoin appears poised for a decline leading to increased volatility. So we can’t rule out a new visit of $ 30,000 or a drop of 10% to 12%. There are many indicators pointing to the short-term bearish decline in bitcoin.

Bitcoin chain indicator

The SOPR indicator is a classic chain indicator that highlights hodler sentiment, whether holders want to sell or hold. This indicator achieves this by taking into account the purchase price of bitcoin and comparing it to the current price of bitcoin.

The SOPR adjusts is a derivative of the SOPR and does exactly the same as the SOPR. But, it ignores transactions / addresses / outputs with a lifetime less than 1 hour. Likewise, entity-based SOPR ignores addresses / outputs from a single entity.

Source: Glassnode

A 90-day entity-adjusted SOPR has now reached a level of 1.14. This shows that bitcoin may have peaked at $ 42,000. It is therefore the first indicator that points to a short-term correction in the near future.

Bitcoin Techniques

There are several Bitcoin indicators and technical models that corroborate the on-chain metric. In fact, there are two bearish patterns. A bearish flag and a bearish pennant suggest a drop of 10% to 12% soon.

Source: BTCUSD TradingView

The bearish flag [green channel] indicates a 20% drop on its way. However, the bearish pennant suggests a more considerate drop of 10-12%. Either way, both suggest that a drop is inevitable. Therefore, the first target for this drop could be $ 34,000. A breach of this level could push bitcoin down to $ 32,500 perhaps even towards the annual open at $ 28,956.

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