Self Fights is Triple A’s new project to bring live wrestling back after the covid health contingency 19.

The proposal is simple, fans will arrive in their cars to some recintor to witness wrestling.

As we know, the health contingency postponed and canceled several events such as Rey de Reyes and Triplemania XXVIII so the proposal does not seem far-fetched.

In addition to that the Vanguard company was also going to hold a similar event but it was canceled.

The pandemic will change many things and one of them is massive events reason why the assistants will have to take the corresponding measures to attend.

An example of this has been New Japan Pro Wrestling since it made Dominion with the public and the corresponding measures such as mouthguards and antibacterial gel at all times.

In Mexico, unfortunately the contagion curve it does not flatten so hospitalizations have also increased.

That is why Triple A brought the proposal of Auto Fights so that the public can return to the arenas with a healthy distance.

The proposal is not bad and in fact it is good but so that the company can hold the event in Six Flags Mexico must wait for the approval of the authority.

In fact, the return of the Star Caravan is important for the reactivation of the Mexican wrestling because the CMLL will not return until the traffic light changes color to yellow or green.

There is another possibility for the Serious and Stable, that the CDMX government gives authorization to perform functions but received no response.

Triple A brings an interesting proposal and if it works We will see more events like this year after year as Dorian Roldán said in the virtual conference.