Is Alexander Zverev the best of the ‘Next Gen’?

His style of play will more or less like, but being objective, the record of Alexander Zverev at 24 he is tremendous. The “buts” with the German player have always been the same: the mentality, the irregularity, the fact of wrinkling at key moments … However, taking a look at the achievements he has starred in throughout his still short career, it is It is evident that we are before a player of great talent and with weapons to spare to continue expanding his showcase.

An impressive track record

The medal in the Tokyo Olympics 2021 It has been a finishing touch, never better said, to a really good record on the part of Zverev. It is true that he has not yet been able to win a Grand Slam, but he has not been far away and he will surely still enjoy many opportunities to do so. Let’s recall the greatest achievements of the German so far: four Masters 1000 titles (Madrid x2, Rome and Canada), a Masters Cup, a US Open final and, now, the most important title in his career, the gold medal. in Tokyo.

Versatility as a great virtue

Zverev is a player who adapts very well to any surface, and his results prove it. A priori, the hard court should be the one that best suits his game, but the German has no problem polishing details so that his tennis also works on clay or grass.

He is very complete in his shots, although what he can still improve a lot is his forehand. With one of the best setbacks on the circuit and a more than acceptable service, on the right he has a hole that often costs him games. Still, he has come a long way on that shot and continues to improve it day by day. As well as an improvement in the mental aspect, something for which he had always been questioned.

What is your roof? Is it the best of the Next Gen?

As is always said, for tastes, colors, but what is clear is that Zverev is making merits to be considered one of the best of all that batch of tennis players called to take a step forward in the post-big era 3. Medvedev , Tsitsipas, Rublev, Berrettini… There are many players who carry that label. Is Zverev showing that he is superior to them?

In fact, Zverev himself was forceful in the press conference after the victory that credited him as a gold medalist in Tokyo: “All the experts and former players have always thought that those players are better than me. The point is: I have won 16 titles, 4 Masters 1000s, the ATP Finals and now Olympic gold. So … they can say what they want. ” And you, Who do you consider the best ‘Next Gen’?

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