IRS Alerts Scammers Stealing Data to Request Monthly Payments Under Biden’s “Child Tax Credit”

Scammers attempt to steal personal information from Americans to apply for funds under the Biden Administration’s “Child Tax Credit” on their behalf.

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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) alerted through its official Facebook account of scammers posing as employees of the agency to steal identity and illegally request the funds under the “Child Tax Credit” (CTC) extension that belong to others.

“Be alert to criminals who ask by phone, email, texts or social networks to verify your personal information claiming that they need that data to process advance payments of the ‘Child Tax Credit'”, reads the entry in the social network.

The notice includes the link to, one of the sites enabled by the IRS on its website to provide guidance on the CTC that this year it grants up to a maximum of $ 3,600 for each child in the household. The funds will be distributed in advance in six monthly payments, between July 15 and December.

Reliable information on

Precisely, the only reliable information about the delivery of advance payments from the CTC is the one that the IRS publishes on its website

In that sense, the IRS insisted that there are only two ways to request payments: filing a tax return to the office or submitting your information online through the Non-Filer Sign-up tool. “Any other option is a scam,” said the entity.

“Remember, the IRS never sends unsolicited electronic communications asking you to open attachments or visit a non-government website,” the office warned.

IRS sent letter from 36 million families to alert them of eligibility

Another way to confirm eligibility is a letter by mail that the IRS sent to households two weeks ago to alert them of the arrival of payments and the option they have to cancel early deliveries to receive a full payment as a refund in the next season of taxes.

IRS holds information events in 12 US cities.

Additionally, taxpayers have the option of attending the events that the IRS is holding in 12 cities in the United States until July 9.

With these orientation days, the IRS seeks to encourage parents or guardians who normally do not file a federal tax return to do so or to sign up for monthly payments of the Child Tax Credit using the online tool Non-Filer Sign -up.

In order to request payments, parents or guardians must have a Personal Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), and children, a Social Security number.

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