Irresistible? Galilea Montijo or Livia Brito, beach muses

Irresistible? Galilea Montijo or Livia Brito, beach muses | Instagram

Possibly for many of the fans of Livia brito, thinking about the beach makes them imagine being accompanied by the famous television figure, however, it seems that the presenter Galilea Montijo gained ground by showing all her beauty in a photo, the outfit she wore became an invitation to all.

One of the best known faces on television for several years, is Galilea MontijoOn this occasion, he made everyone forget other beauties such as the Cuban actress and for a sample, a photo was enough that left no doubt of all the beauty that “Today’s driver“He barely shows with each of his popular outfits on the Las Estrellas broadcast.

It was a studio photograph in which “Gali” was shown ready for the beach in an outfit that revealed the marked silhouette that she possesses and which left no doubt of the fruits that a healthy life has given her.

Beach or Gym? C3rv3za in hand? NELLLLLLL PA ‘LA PLAYAAAA, wrote the native of Guadalajara in the message that accompanied the shocking postcard on her social networks.


A two-piece beach suit with a seductive “animal print” pattern, showed the squares of the “bella tapatia” who left more than one speechless showing the monumental silhouette worthy of showing off, without a doubt, it becomes a strong rival for many of the celebrities who are among the favorites of netizens.

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One of them is Livia Brito, the current actress of “La desalmada” who occupies a favorite place among the most popular muses of social networks. Various postcards and sessions would make his name one of the most pronounced since 2020 until today.

Seeing the marked silhouette that stands out, the “influencer” has become a clear example of the good results that fitness life brings and much of its content proves it to its faithful “relieved” as it calls its fans to the that leaves no suspicion.

Even the Greek muses envy such a beautiful pearl from Guadalajara … Respectfully, wrote the host’s fans.

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You are fantastic beautiful woman

Even for many Galilea Montijo could take the place of the beautiful Ninel Conde since some of the reactions point out that she was “a real hottie.”

If we talk about one of the most popular cheerleaders on television, the name of Martha Galilea Montijo Torres emerges as an advertisement for lights and it is that in addition to being a famous person who arouses many rumors and being one of the most acclaimed within the program, she always wears at the latest in fashion.

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Little by little, “La Montijo” has been polishing her style more, which, despite following the latest trends, gives her a very particular stamp, the 47-year-old collaborator and mother of a son boasts an enviable silhouette with a beach outfit that makes her look modern and showing off her marked figure in all its splendor and that is because even to go to the beach you have to have style, shows Andrea Legarreta’s partner.

Like a true model that was and still is, the endearing presenter of “Pequeños Gigantes” is shown before the camera with a b! K! Ni with a white background and a pattern that continues to be very fashionable, with a hat and a c3rv3za on hand the outgoing host questioned her fans about what could be the best plan this vacation.

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The photograph that he shared for several weeks ago received endless reactions, praise, praise and surely many of the 8.9 million followers treasured it as one of their favorites.