The Roomba cleaning robot has been transformed into an educational robot that draws, operates LEGO mechanisms, and teaches children and adults to program.

iRobot also tries its luck in the field of educational robots. Today presented iRobot Root rt0, a robot designed to teach programming to children and adults from 6 years.

Last year iRobot, manufacturer of the popular Roomba cleaning robots, bought the robotics company Root Robotics, with the aim of expanding horizons.

It seems like the perfect match: if we pair iRobots sliding robot technology with Root educational robots, what we have is iRobot Root rt0, a educational robot with some very interesting possibilities, which you can see in this video:

Not the first iRobot educational robot. It launched a few months ago the iRobot Root rt1, designed for schools. It is a robot with functions like magnets to slide on magnetic boards, which only make sense in one class.

Therefore, according to reports, today it has released the new iRobot Root rto, with some cuts to lower the price, focused on the home.

This new robot does not have magnets or other functions designed for school, but instead it releases new ones, such as a brick platform compatible with LEGO It is placed on the robot and allows you to build what you want, on top of it. In addition the base has a mechanism that serves to move the pieces, for example to launch a catapult, as seen in the video.

Pack with everything you need to mount a PC with Raspberry Pi 4: includes the board with 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB microSD with NOOBS, card reader, fan, 3 heat sinks, power supply 5.1V 3A Type with switch, barebone black box and screwdriver.

You can too insert a marker into the base of iRobot root rto, and program it to draw anything (preferably on the included mat, and not on the floor …).

iRobot has designed a block-based programming language, similar to Scratch, that has three levels of learning: a system based on the mentioned blocks for beginners, a hybrid system with blocks and text, and an advanced language only with text that is equivalent to computer languages ​​like Python.

iRobot Root rto is for sale at the moment only in the United States, on its website, at a price of $ 129.99.