In Story of her Instagram account, Iris Mittenaere posted an adorable video of a black cat. She fought the clichés about them!

For several days now, Iris Mittenaere has been enjoying the magnificent landscapes of Greece. On her Instagram account, she also reveals many pictures of her little getaway with his darling Diego El Glaoui.

And the least we can say is that Iris Mittenaere makes his fans dream with his photos. It puts them in their eyes. Those who are unable to travel may enjoy Greece thanks to the pretty blonde.

During her romantic vacation, Iris Mittenaere also seems very close to Diego El Glaoui. Not long ago, she posted a love filled video. The latter has clearly cracked the Web.

If she takes advantage of her vacation, there are still some things that the ex Miss France can’t let it go. Indeed, this Tuesday, July 28, she posted a new video in Story from her Instagram account.

Iris Mittenaere falls for a black kitten in Greece

Iris Mittenaere posted a video of a black kitten, alone in the street. Immediately she decided to take care of it and brought him a meal. She also wanted to dismantle the clichés on black cats.

In the caption of her Instagram video, Iris Mittenaere also wrote: “Little angel… he was so scared. We had so many black cats that I have a special affection for them. The senses abandoned them all in front of us ”.

Iris Mittenaere also added: “They saw we had it. And they were too superstitious to keep them. Just for the record, they are adorable, cuddly. And will bring you a lot of happiness and luck“.

With this beautiful action and speaking, the young woman dismantled the clichés around black cats. It must be said that even though we are in 2020, some superstitions continue to subsist through time.

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