Irina Shayk has been involved in rumors of romance with Jason Walsh

Irina Shayk has not confirmed to have a romantic relationship yet; However, he has been seen with Hilary Duff’s ex on different occasions.

It is no secret that Irina Shayk is a beautiful woman full of talent and a spectacular mother; However, about her love life she has always tried to be very cautious until it is already a relationship that is worth betting on.

In the past, Irina has dated such personalities as Cristiano Ronaldo, Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”, Joseph Blatter and of course, Bradley Cooper, with whom she welcomed her beautiful daughter Lea De Seine.

Now that she has been seen accompanied by Jason Walsh on different occasions, rumors have begun to surround them about a possible romance between the model and Hilary Duff’s ex.

Although Irina is an internationally known figure, Jason is not far behind, since he has participated in films such as “Sniper” and has even coached the cast in other titles such as “Captain Marvel”, “Elysium” and “Jason Bourne”.

This may be the only reason Irina and Jason have seen each other: that he’s the one helping her stay in shape; however, there is no doubt that they would make an exceptional couple.

Since the separation between Irina and Bradley Cooper, different names have been mentioned about possible conquests of the model; Among them Vito Schnabel, who used to date Heidi Klum, and more recently, Kanye West’s name also came up as one of her suitors.

While all the assumptions are cleared up, we can rest easy on the idea that Jason and Irina are a great team and their workouts together give excellent results. This image on Jason’s Instagram is proof of that.

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