Irina Baeva without makeup and blue ‘bra’, smiles while opening and closing her eyes | Instagram photo

Definitely, Irina Baeva, he is having a great time next to his beloved Gabriel Soto. And it is that the home receipt has become practically a honeymoon for the couple in love. Hence, the Russian takes advantage of posing without makeup and blue ‘bra’, smiles as she opens and closes her little eyes.

The truth is that Irina beva, has been most natural in front of cameras. Well, he has focused on spending time on his emotional stability. Because when we do not see her exercising, she is resting in the pool by the sea or reading a book. Of course, Gabriel Soto, has become his best companion.

Irina Baeva without makeup and blue ‘bra’

On the other hand, Irina Baeva, He uploaded a perfect photograph to hang in the living room. In which he poses in black and white, next to his sweetheart. Well, People en Español magazine placed them in the list of the 50 most beautiful.

They both smiled holding hands, as they hugged each other.

Meanwhile, Irina Baeva, shared the beautiful connection he is experiencing with nature, uploading videos of the animals that have become part of his days. What’s more, they even named them.

Too Gabriel Soto, uploaded moments with his new friends. In fact, he presumed he already knows how to say squirrel in Russian.

Finally, Irina Baeva, uploaded a story in which she posed with a blue bra, which allowed her perfect abs to be seen in that mini waist.

Of course, she showed herself without a single drop of makeup and smiled the most tender, as we say here in Mexico, making eyes at the camera, how are you?

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