Irina Baeva covers herself and Andrea Legarreta uncovers herself and shows her curves like never before | Instagram Special

On social networks, several celebrities show their lifestyle from home And if something is more than clear to us it is that many times people are not what they seem. From seeing celebrities without makeup, cooking and exercising until showing her figure as the case of Irina Baeva and Andrea Legarreta.

Irina Baeva is an actress who has been characterized for being a really beautiful woman with an incredible figure. He currently spends his quarantine with his partner Gabriel Soto in Acapulco, a heavenly place to spend these quarantine days. Despite the fact that the actress Irina Baeva is a very sensual woman, this time she covers herself on social networks.

On the other side are other celebrities who are more demure and show your lifestyle and beauty in a more careful way. However, some celebrities on social media during the quarantine they lower their guard and uncover themselves as the case of Andrea Legarreta showing her curves, leaving everyone with their mouths open.

Irina Baeva is covered and Andrea Legarreta is uncovered

Irina Baeva is a woman who shows off her slender figure and tones with different outfits. Compared to previous occasions, because we are close to the sea we have seen the actress in different swimsuits that only highlight her attributes. However, this time it was not surprising when showing up on social networks in a sports suit complete with a top and pants to exercise.

While Andrea Legarreta, the host of Hoy, is shown on social networks like never before. In a two-piece swimsuit that only highlights its attributes. Being one of the few occasions where the driver shows herself in so few clothes and with a slight change of style.

There is no doubt that celebrities look beautiful and that despite each having their own style and personality, to see them in their different facets during this quarantine and also to both celebrities in Acapulco, It makes us think that the beach changes us in different ways.

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