Irina Baeva and Laura Bozzo: divine, the two blondes and blue enchant anyone | Instagram photo

What do they have in common Laura Bozzo and Irina Baeva? Also, that the two celebrities are divine, the two blondes, this time we show you how they look in blue, they just love anyone. And it is that both share good taste when dressing, yes, always on trend.

At the last cry of French fashion! Especially cobalt blue, it is the one that comes with everything. Let’s say that electric touch is what will bring your outfits to life, so if you don’t have a piece in that color scale, run and update your clothes! The truth is that Pantone cataloged it as the Classic Blue, this 2020.

Irina Baeva and Laura Bozzo, two blondes and in blue

The protagonist color of this 2020, which wants to give you an elegant, simple and very easy to combine appearance. Without a doubt the color of the sky comes to light the world of celebrities.

For his part, Irina Baeva and Laura Bozzo, have already taken a step forward, Well, in their Instagram photos, we have seen them look great with these outfits.

The funny thing is that it was in 2000 when this color had an impact on fashion, but 20 years later it comes with everything.

It is clear that using it gives you that feeling of serenity, stability and consistency.

From pants, accessories, dresses, blazers, and much more! This is how these two blondes impact.

Anyway, despite the fact that Irina Baeva and Laura BozzoThey have not had a good relationship.

After the driver lashed out at the Russian, for her sudden relationship with Gabriel Soto and the history that we all already know; they have more in common than it seems, how are you?

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