Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto congratulated by seer to reveal that they will be parents | Instagram

A news that apparently alone Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto they might know it came out to everyone after the seer Ramses He will send a congratulation to the couple for their upcoming release as parents.

According to the famous seer, the couple that has grabbed the headlines for the next few years would be waiting for their first son, if the seer’s prediction is fulfilled.

The controversial duo made up of the actors Gabriel and Irina were put in the eye of the hurricane after the seer It will point out that both are waiting for something very special in their lives.

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Even these speculations images were added that the actress He published through his social networks in which he appears with smiles as if something very special was being cooked.

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In that publication, the actress hinted that he is preparing a draft together with her boyfriend and later it became known that it was a soap opera.

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But now, the recognized seer released a stronger prediction through his Twitter account, where he announced that the couple would be waiting for their « first baby« 

Congratulations Gabriel Soto for the boy on the way, Ramsesvidente Vision ”, read Ramsés Vidente’s publication, and immediately the followers began to speculate.

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It should be remembered that the couple the days of quarantine at their home in Acapulco where they have also lived with the actor’s daughters.

On the other hand, famous people have pointed out that due to confinement the 2021 « It will be full of babies »

So far, the couple He has not shared details about what their wedding would be, which apparently could be pending if they confirm the news that a « new member » would come into their lives.

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Meanwhile, the news has caused a stir on social networks as expected and the followers of the couple they await confirmation.