Iriana Baeva was photographed from behind and what was seen made us all fall in love

Irina Baeva showed off all her charms by posing from the back with a white top and pants, her angelic expression from the side left everyone speechless

December 01, 2020 · 15:02 hs

Irina Baeva He shared a photo on his official Instagram profile in which he appears posing with his back to the camera while revealing his silhouette by wearing high-waisted white pants and a black top.

Thus, the publication has more than 79 thousand likes, it is that Irina Baeva She knows how to captivate her audience, her overwhelming beauty, that independent way of thinking and that freedom that characterizes her, keeps all the fans delighted.

For his part, Irina Baeva She is of unification thinking, she does not like xenophobia or exclusion of any kind, especially since she is an immigrant from her homeland and was received in a very good way by Mexicans, until the sun today and that is what reflected in this post with his words.

Another thing that can be seen in the photograph is a tattoo that has Irina Baeva on the back, it is the same design as his current partner, the actor Gabriel Soto How beautiful is love!

Even though, Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto They have been very reserved with their relationship, because they have been intimidated by the way it started, the little they share shows that they clearly are for each other.

Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto

Finally, Irina Baeva He found someone who is going in the same direction and with the same conditions of freedom, for this reason his most loyal followers wish them many more years together and that they will soon be encouraged to grow the family Soto Baeva.