08/12/2020 Irene Rosales, after the recording of the new installment of « Come and have dinner with me gourmet »


The wedding rumors haunt Isa Pantoja and Asraf since, in recent days, the couple began to send mysterious messages on their respective social networks talking about something « very important » that would happen in the life of Isabel Pantoja’s daughter « in September « and that it would change his life, including also his partner. The reappearance of the young woman in « The summer program » has only added to the mystery, since she has not confirmed or denied this hypothetical passage through the altar with her boyfriend for a year and a half.

Kiko Rivera’s wife, Irene Rosales, is nevertheless impassive in the face of this great news for the Pantoja. The collaborator, who after going through a bump in her relationship with Isa is getting along well with her sister-in-law, remains silent and prefers not to be in charge of confirming this supposed wedding.

In Madrid for work reasons – since she has recorded the new installment of « Come and have dinner with me gourmet » with Amador Mohedano, Fani Carbajo and Miguel Frigenti – we have been able to ask Irene, very sparing in words, about the possible link between Isa and Asraf. If you want to see their reaction, don’t miss the following video!