Irene Rosales spoke about her husband Kiko Rivera’s addictions

« It was very hard what we lived through. »

The conflict between Kiko rivera and Isabel Pantoja continues to give a lot to talk about and gives rise to new statements from people close to the family. The last to comment on this was Irene Rosales, the DJ’s wife, who after several months in silence due to the confrontation between mother and son, could not take it anymore and broke out on Saturday in « Live life ».

The collaborator was the protagonist this weekend for talking about the « Cantora case » and about the addictions that Kiko revealed a few years ago and with which he continues to fight today. About this theme, Anabel Pantoja assured in « Saturday Deluxe » that his aunt had given everything to help her only son in his most difficult moments as in his recovery from addictions. At that time, the wife of Kiko He entered the program by telephone and clarified what the niece of the tonadillera had affirmed.

Days later in « Live life » explained why she was so upset with what she had said Anabel: “I made that call because I saw a fragment of what was being broadcast on“ Save me ”in which Anabel said that her aunt, regarding Kiko’s addictions, had done everything. I felt really bad, he could have shut up instead of saying that. I had a very bad time and in that process I was alone with the help of our compadre Fran. I exploded because the truth was not told, it is not true that Isabel has helped as much as she can. It is not enough to take it to Rocío for a week. He caught me alone with my two young daughters and Kiko’s son ”, confessed the collaborator.

“What we experienced was very hard. I have had to watch my husband get tremors and anxiety attacks. It is not easy at all to see your husband like this when he is getting rid of such a great addiction. The worst moment was when summer ended, because the days were getting grayer. Kiko was angry with himself and with the world, « he said. Irene in the program presented by Emma Garcia.

“Kiko is not one hundred percent recovered. It has been an addiction to get out of trouble. That’s why he says that when I go away on weekends, he continues to live a struggle, « he added. Irene about the struggle that continues to live Kiko.